Governance and Social Accountability
We are eager to take part in citizen-led action to hold duty-bearers and service providers accountable for how public resources are used and services are delivered. With this program, we give citizens the opportunity to exercise their fundamental right to participate in decisions and processes affecting their own development. This program is crucial in ensuring that government services are delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner to citizens. Building democratic, responsible, and inclusive systems and institutions, we believe, is critical for creating trust between citizens and leaders, transforming communities, and attaining sustainable development. We acknowledge that responsive leadership and meaningful participation by civically conscious citizens, when combined, can minimize disparities in access to public goods and improve service delivery at all levels....
Gender equality and Non-discrimination
Being one of our pillars, we acknowledge that equal rights and opportunities for men and women are critical to maintaining peace, democracy, and long-term economic and sustainable development.

Public and political life
We seek to promote non-discriminatory laws and policies, as well as to expand women's political and electoral involvement. We believe that women are equal members of society, with significant roles in public and political life.

Poverty eradication and resilience building.
Climate change and natural disasters are critical issues that require immediate attention. Our poverty reduction activities aim to reduce burden, eliminate spatial isolation, and boost economic capability while also coordinating community climate change adaptation and resilience-building in informal settlements and marginalized communities by...

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