Who are We

Vision Changers Kenya is a youth-led, not-for-profit organization registered in Kenya. We are dedicated to leveraging the power of Sports, and Civic Tech to promote social justice, gender equality, and eradicate poverty. Through evidence-based studies, advocacy, and community engagement, we seek to address the underlying causes of discrimination and inequality. Our focus is on generating evidence and insights, fostering creativity and participation, and working collaboratively with key stakeholders to bring about systemic change for social justice.

Our Vision

A world of optimism, tolerance, and social justice, where poverty has been eradicated, and all people live in dignity and security

Our Mission

To interrupt and disrupt oppressive systems that marginalize individuals and communities, leading to rights violations, poverty, and inequalities.

Our Team

Welcome to our dedicated team of passionate individuals committed to advancing the cause of human rights. Together, we strive to create a world where every person is treated with dignity, equality, and justice. Meet the driving force behind our human rights advocacy:

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