Learning and knowledge transfer

Through our Evidence-Based Youth Development Program, we aim to empower young individuals by providing them with evidence-based/ scientific strategies and tools to harness their knowledge and expertise in science to address social justice issues in Kenya. By leveraging research-backed approaches, this program seeks to foster a culture of lifelong learning, resilience, while transforming youths into positive agents of change. This program is implemented through a project development camp, where youth participants’ works together to create innovative solutions to social justice challenges in Kenya. The camp is divided into three cardinal phases, each focusing on different aspects of project development.

Research-Based learning
  • The program will be designed based on evidence-based practices and theories in youth development, such as positive youth development, social-emotional learning, and cognitive-behavioral techniques.
  • The learning process will incorporate proven strategies for enhancing innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities among the youth.
Mentoring and Coaching
  • Each youth participant will be paired with a mentor or coach who will provide personalized guidance, support, and feedback throughout the program.
  • Mentors will help youth participants set and achieve goals, navigate obstacles, and identify opportunities for growth whilst helping them see themselves as change makers in their communities
Experiential Learning phase
  • The program offers experiential learning opportunities, such as internships, volunteering, and community projects, to allow youth participants to apply their skills in real-world settings.
  • Participants are engage in reflective exercises to assess their experiences and extract valuable lessons for personal and societal growth.
This Program provides young individuals with the tools and resources they need to navigate the challenges they face, while co-creating solutions to social justice issues affecting their communities. By incorporating research-based approaches, the program ensures that youth participants receive high-quality support and guidance that is grounded in scientific evidence and best practices in youth and community development.