Four guiding principles underpin all of our work: Creativity, integrity, inquisitiveness, and participation. (CIIP)

Creativity: We transcend conventional beliefs, behaviors, and relationships to create meaningful ideas, increase efficiency and develop solutions to complex challenges within the communities and individuals we work with and for.

Integrity: Integrity is key in reaching our goal since trust cannot be built without it. We adhere to it to the fullest extent in everything we say and do.

Inquisitiveness: Our desire for knowledge motivates us to inquire, pay attention, try new things, think critically, and disrupt.

Participation: We work collaboratively to ensure that the decisions we make as an organization are in the best interest of the people we serve. Therefore, it is our moral responsibility to listen and support those who want to speak up. This lowers our risks, speeds up our organizational learning, and boosts our engagement and sense of satisfaction.

Our Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Goal 1


We have boldly committed to ending poverty in all of its forms and manifestations by increasing participation and empowering people and communities to co-create solutions that bring about change and allow them to fulfill their responsibilities while building community resilience. This includes

  • Empowering the most vulnerable communities
  • Pushing for improved access to basic resources and services
  • Carrying out community score cards and social audits to enhance accountability.

Goal 2


We leverage on Sport to improve mental, physical and social well-being. Through sport we have specifically focus on the following health outcomes:       

The promotion of healthy lifestyle choices among children and young people, as well as adults, to combat inactivity;

  • The use of sport as an instrument to promote awareness about communicable illnesses. Using sport as a didactic tool to communicate vital health related information to ‘at risk’ groups;
  • Using sport to mobilize hard-to reach groups as part of largescale health campaigns, such as low-population density communities; and
  • Using sport as a didactic tool to communicate vital health-related information to ‘at risk’ groups;
  • Using sports to contribute to achieving mental health objectives, such as addressing depression and stress-related disorders; and
  • Using sport to mobilize difficult-to-reach groups as part of large scale health campaigns, such as communities with low population density

Goal 5


Eliminating all forms of discrimination against women and girls is not only a basic human right, but it is also critical for a sustainable future. Inequality is a manifestation of unequal power, privilege, and oppressive systems that influence people. Women and girls, as well as sexual minorities, face startling levels of discrimination and exclusion, perpetuating poverty and depriving them of essential rights. Gender stereotypes of duties, rights, and responsibilities contribute to a wide range of violent practices, from structural to physical violence: growing gender-based violence in household contexts, the workplace, and political realms.

This context presented an important opportunity for VCK to bring to the forefront practices, teachings, and best practices through the use of sports as a transformative force for gender justice and human rights advocacy tools. VCK uses Sports as a tool to addressing structural discrimination, unequal power relationships, and gender norms in order to ensure equal enjoyment of human rights, opportunities, outcomes, responsibilities, resources, and rewards regardless of gender or sexual identities, including fundamental freedoms in political, civil, economic, social, and cultural fields

Goal 10


We prioritize the most vulnerable members of the community in our work, assisting them in asserting their rights and challenging all forms of violation and inequalities. We believe that communities, particularly women, and the youth, can deploy their skills to inspire transformative change.

We help amplify community voices against any type of discrimination. We have a shared opinion that everyone is equal regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, social background and physical abilities.

Goal 13

CLIMATE ACTION: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

Integration of climate justice and resilience across all our programs is key to us, this is achieved by increasing the urgency for climate justice awareness creation and advocacy aimed at increasing the number of people, particularly younger generations, to take appropriate actions to achieve climate and environmental justice by challenging political inaction and the resistance of powerful economic interests.

We work at grassroots levels to support policies, initiatives, and other critical processes, as well as to guarantee that the voices of the most vulnerable are heard, and to hold all stakeholders accountable for their climate contributions. 

Goal 16


Many communities are affected by a slew of severe and interconnected crises that not only accelerate complex power dynamics, but also amplify violence, conflicts, human rights violations, and economic inequality. Struggles for the right to life and human dignity, self-determination, freedom of expression, assembly, and association, freedom of religion and belief, and freedom from political oppression and increased conflict are manifestations of people’s desire for peace with justice and security.

At VCK, we encourage active engagement in local human security matters through sport and civic tech as social political drivers that brings the voices of local communities to influence peace and human security processes affecting them, whilst ensuring public access to information and protection of fundamental freedoms, in accordance to the Kenyan constitution.